Guido Coraddu was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1972 and start play piano when was seven. He studied piano at the Conservatory where graduated. He also studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Padova and graduated in 1999 with a thesis on Music Technology Systems at the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale. He has played with numerous Italian jazz bands, and with musicians as Louis Sclavis, Alessandro Anastasi, and Marco Rovelli. He has composed music for dance‐theatre plays, mainly for dancer/choreographer Carla Onni, and soundtracks for film, radio and television (in particular for the popular RAI transmission "chi l'ha visto" and for Radio Rai "Tempus").

In 1998 he went back to Sardinia.

Francesco Bachis was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1977, started playing the trumpet when he was nine in the band of the town of Siliqua. He co‐founded the ska‐reggae band “Ratapignata”, composing and playing for their five albums, and the project Malasorti; he collaborated as a musician and a composer for several projects with Fabrizio Ugas (first three editions of "Omaggio a Fabrizio de André"  at Tempio Pausania), theater company Caika and  with “Centro Sardo Studi e Ricerche”, playing with Ettore Fioravanti, Eduardo Polonio, Carlos Galan, Alberto Jona, Elio Martuscello. In 2000 had studied with Agostino Frassetto and Enrico Rava at the Nuoro Jazz Master. He has worked with numerous Sardinian bands both recording and performing live (among them KNA, Askra, Dr. Drer, Balentia, Ateros, Isola Song), and he has played with Paolo Nonnis big Band, Llorenc Barber, Roy Paci and Marlene Kuntz

Mauro Sanna was born in Ula Tirso (Sardinia) in 1960, and at the age of ten he taught himself how to play guitar. With his school‐friends he formed his first band, featuring three singing guitarists and a percussionist, and he realized that his attraction to rhythm and melody was better expressed with an electric bass. At sixteen, penniless, he decided to buy one. After the initial financial and technical difficulties, he fell madly in love with the new instrument and never left it. Today Mauro Sanna is a well known bass guitarist; many national and international artists have requested his collaboration both in the recording studio and for live performances, among them Papa Winnie, Paolo Nonnis Big Band, Steve Trovato, Tracee Lewis, Corona, Banda Beni, Carl Potter, etc.

Simone Sedda started playing guitar at 15, but two years later he tried the drums and he found true love. In 1998, he co‐founded the ska‐reggae band “Ratapignata”, composing and playing for their three cds. He studied with Ettore Fioravanti, Christian Meyer, and Ellade Bandini. Lately, his research brought him to experimental music, and consequently to the Cagliari Conservatory where he studied “music and new technologies”. In 2013 he founded record label “HopeTone Records”.


- batteria -

Nasce a Cagliari nel 1977.

All'età di 15 anni comincia a strimpellare la chitarra ma è due anni dopo che si siede per la prima volta sulla batteria, innamorandosene al primo colpo. Comincia gli studi prendendo lezioni private e suonando. Nel 1998 è uno degli ideatori dei Ratapignata, gruppo ska-reggae con cui ha realizzato tre dischi; nel 2000 partecipa ai seminari Nuoro Jazz nella classe di Ettore Fioravanti; negli anni successivi prende parte a stages tenuti da Christian Meyer ed Ellade Bandini. Ultimamente ha rivolto il proprio interesse verso la sperimentazione musicale frequentando il corso di musica e nuove tecnologie del Conservatorio di Cagliari, non ha però abbandonato la musica pop, che lo vede attualmente impegnato con la formazione rock dei Love Boat.